Joshua + Dorothy | Ribault Club, Jacksonville Florida

Joshua and Dorothy met during their freshman year in college at UNF. They had multiple classes together but they weren't quite friends yet. As time went by, Joshua thought he wouldn't be able to see Dorothy around any more since they don't have any more classes together, so finally he decided toward the end of the summer that he would reach out to her. Since then, their friendship blossomed and the rest is history. Currently, Joshua is a cardiovascular operating room nurse at a local hospital while Dorothy is half-way through her third year of medical school. They have had to do long-distance for a while because they wanted each other to pursue their goals and dreams. In the future, they hope to go on medical mission trips together, and serve alongside each other.

Katie + Jordan's Wedding Film

Katie and Jordan were such a joy to work with! They loved each other so much and it showed in everything they did. But what was even more beautiful was their love for God and their families. We honestly can't say enough about this amazing couple and wish them so many years of happiness! 

Kristie + David's Wedding | The Keeler Property

Kristie + David are such a beautiful couple with such fire and love for one another! Their entire wedding day was full of so many special moments along with their gorgeous decor! After their precious ceremony they danced the night away and lemme tell you, they know how to party! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Mangold!

Delaney + Rocko's Wedding | The Treasury on the Plaza

Delaney + Rocko's wedding was nothing short of a good time!! Many tears were shed and many smiles were shared as well as ALOT of laughter! These two are so loved not only by one another but by their friends and family as well! Congratulations again you guys!!

Assunta and Chris' Wedding Highlight | One Ocean | Atlantic Beach

Every wedding is special and unique to the individuals involved. That is something we love about weddings! Every year we have a wedding where everything comes together so perfect that it's hard to imagine the day being any better. That was Assunta and Chris' wedding without a doubt. Every detail was so perfect and the weather gave us amazing lighting! It was such a blast working with Kristen Weaver Photography and Feedback Entertainment to make this day super awesome. We wish Assunta and Chris the best in their new life together! Also Twister is amazing! Boy did we fall in love with that dog!

Haley and Dustin's Wedding | The Hilliard Mansion

We have known Haley for some time and were excited to capture her wedding day! The Hilliard Mansion was beautiful as always and the weather could not have been more perfect. These two clearly love each other and seeing Haley and Dustin with their son only made the day more special. It was such an honor to watch this family come together and we wish them both many years of happiness!

Bethany and Daniel's Wedding Video | St. Augustin, FL | The White Room

Bethany and Daniel are such a sweet couple! Their wedding was with out a doubt one of the most fun events we filmed all year. Despite some rain this couples love shined bright and seeing Daniel's reaction to his bride that first time sent chills through our whole team. We wish them both years of happiness in their new lives together!

Macy and ash's Wedding | Jacksonville Library

Macy and Ash were our last couple before our wedding! It was such a blast capturing their special day! They were so cute together as their day was filled with laughs and smiles! Every moment of the day filled in another piece of the story of their love for one another. It was without a doubt the way to wrap up our wedding season. We wish them both many years of happiness! 

Jennifer and Justin's Wedding | Ribault Club

Jennifer and Justin's wedding was such a beautiful and elegant event! The decor that covered the already beautiful Ribault Club only complemented the strong love between Jennifer and Justin. It was an honor to be a part of their special day. We wish them both many years of happiness and love together.

Aisha and Norris' Wedding | The Mansion

    Aisha and Norris were so great to work with! The love these two share is clearly very special. It is always such an awesome thing to see a couple that not only loves each other but also compliments each other so well. Aisha and Norris are perfect for each other in the way that there different personalities unite. The Mansion was beautiful, as always, and the wedding was so much fun! For the video we knew we needed to do something different so we went with a unique and fun song to really reflect the exciting atmosphere that day! Aisha and Norris, we wish you both a long and happy marriage!

Sarah and Nicks' Wedding | Mayport Naval Station

Sarah and Nick were such a fun couple to work with which made our jobs easy! These two laughed and joked the entire time-it was clear that they are deeply in love. Sarah would get so giddy any time we asked about Nick and how they met and Nick lit up telling their story. The wedding took place at Mayport Naval station as both Sarah and Nick are in the Navy. The wind was strong but the day was so beautiful and Sarah and Nick only made it better. They are such an amazing couple and we wish them both the best in their new life together! Thank you both for allowing us to capture your day and thank you so much for your service to our nation! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Munn!