Ribault Club

Joshua + Dorothy | Ribault Club, Jacksonville Florida

Joshua and Dorothy met during their freshman year in college at UNF. They had multiple classes together but they weren't quite friends yet. As time went by, Joshua thought he wouldn't be able to see Dorothy around any more since they don't have any more classes together, so finally he decided toward the end of the summer that he would reach out to her. Since then, their friendship blossomed and the rest is history. Currently, Joshua is a cardiovascular operating room nurse at a local hospital while Dorothy is half-way through her third year of medical school. They have had to do long-distance for a while because they wanted each other to pursue their goals and dreams. In the future, they hope to go on medical mission trips together, and serve alongside each other.

The Wedding of Lauryn and Justin

The Ribault Club is one of our favorite locations in Jacksonville to shoot weddings! Every wedding is so elegant and seems to flow beautifully with the historical settings. Lauryn and Justin's wedding was no exception to this, the weather, decorations, and event were spectacular! Lauryn and Justin were such a great couple to work with and their wedding is one we will remember for a long time to come. We wish them both many years of happiness together!