Welcome to Day Eight Studios

Same company, easier name!

Since 2010 it has be our honor to serve the city of Jacksonville under the name Ocho Ink Productions. For those of you who have followed us since the start of our company you likely have asked the question "whats is with our name"? This is a common questions as the name Ocho ink Production is not a common name to say the least.

The truth behind our name is rooted in me never wanting to buy a new domain address in the early days of the company. I had purchased the name years earlier when I was in high school based off an old nickname I once went by, dreaming of using it to create a huge production studio in my city. The issue was that the name never really fit our style and many people struggled to even pronounce our name (Let alone spell it). 

This became an issue as our company grew and began to film and photograph weddings. We realized quickly our name just did not flow off the tongue nor did it seem like a fit for our vision as a company. Late last year the decision was made to transition our company to a new name. We chose first to split the company into two smaller companies which gave birth to victoria scott photography and Day Eight Films.  . The problem though is this became confusing not only to our team but to our customers as well. 

So we decided to make a final name change shedding our old identity and stepping into a new name with some numerical familiarity. Day Eight Studios. We are still the same team, providing the same quality service following our values and beliefs as a company. Our names just easier to say! We hope you enjoy our new website and look forward to many years of new projects to come!