Chelsea and Tim's Wedding | Casa Marina

Lately I have been caught thinking a lot about time. It is truly crazy thinking about how fast time flies. I really feel like just a few months ago I was in high school cracking jokes with Chelsea in our physics class. Now we are closer to our ten year class reunion then our graduation! It is hard to comprehend how fast our lives move. I have known Chelsea and Tim since high school and it really was an honor to capture their wedding day. It made me think a lot about my own wedding day and a lot about what growing up really is. The day was beautiful and the Casa Marina was such a lovely place to shoot at!

Chelsea looked beautiful in her dress and despite getting nervous as the ceremony approached she kept it together well! Tim and his guys were a blast to work with and we spent most of the time joking and eating. But as the ceremony approached Tim started to get a little nervous as well. Nervousness before the ceremony is normal and it really is a precious thing to watch.

We, like most photographers, love when a couple does a first look. It makes the day a little easier and makes getting pictures a smoother process. But we always let our couples decide what they want to do. Chelsea and Tim wanted their first look to be when she came down the aisle. I'm so glad they chose this because Tim's reaction was beautiful and showed how much he loves her.

The weather could not have been better! I am not a big beach guy but the beach was beautiful and the lighting was something you really couldn't have faked. I love the way these pictures came out!

This was our first time shooting at the Casa Marina and we really loved the venue! It is such a pretty place and has some awesome lighting. Cant wait to shoot here again soon.

Chelsea and Tim, your wedding was awesome! We loved capturing your day and we wish you both many years of happiness!